Innovation & Technology

The Wacker Neuson Group continues to make targeted investments in research and development to expand its portfolio and position as a technology leader in its core markets of Europe and North America and to establish itself in other markets. Topics such as alternative drives, driver assistance systems and the intelligent, digital networking of products and services are of great importance in order to further increase customer benefits. In addition, we are constantly developing new business models and optimizing processes and services such as sales support and production planning.

Innovative ideas arose in one of our design studies, which we carried out together with students. Are you a student as well and would you like to work with us? Please feel free to contact us or send us an unsolicited application.

We see innovation as the basis for our long-term success. Through research and development, we play an active role in shaping digital change in the industry, with digitization covering the entire value chain. This includes all planning, production, ordering, delivery and assembly processes, as well as business processes. Transferred to our area of the construction industry, the digitization of all construction processes across all project phases is an important step towards Industry 4.0.

The Wacker Neuson Group is actively working on new technologies and continuously developing its products and solutions. We are open to a wide range of partnerships. Are you a student and working on one of the following topics? Advanced Machines, Smart Factory or Smart Processes? Then send us your unsolicited application. Would you like to join our innovations as a business partner? We look forward to hearing from you.

Advanced Machines


With a view to the future and a focus on our customers, we are constantly working on the construction machinery of tomorrow. The Wacker Neuson Group focuses on two directions: automation and electrification. With new technologies and solutions we can continue to offer our customers innovative products and solutions in the future. Concepts already developed for advanced machines include the autonomous vibratory plate and zero emission products that operate completely emission-free.

Autonomous Vibratory Plate

The DPU110r vibratory plate, which is autonomously controlled and equipped with compaction control, is an impressive example of a customer-oriented solution for increasing efficiency on the construction site. The autonomous vibratory plate was first presented as a study at the Bauma 2019 trade fair. The plate is operated via tablet, the area to be compacted is simply drawn with a finger on the touch screen. The compaction work is fully documented, as the plate digitally records all steps and thus automatically provides a performance record for contractors.

zero emission

Increasingly stringent requirements in the area of exhaust emissions also have an impact on the construction machinery industry. The Wacker Neuson Group has been working for several years on a short and simple answer to these challenges: zero emission.

The idea behind it: Where there is no exhaust gas or noise, it is no longer necessary to check limit values. And a technology that does not entail any restrictions on costs and suitability for everyday use is accepted - and actually achieves an effect for everyone: the operator, the entrepreneur and the environment.

Smart Customer Solutions

The Wacker Neuson Group always focuses on customer value, which is why we offer our customers innovative solutions, our "Smart Customer Solutions". Together with our business partners, we are constantly developing our products and solutions further, thereby driving innovation in the marketplace.

We think into the future for our customers. That's why we work on the one hand to further develop our products into "smart" products that make working even more efficient and easier. On the other hand, we are also working on future-oriented new business models. One example of this is the Wacker Neuson OnSite Box concept, which increases the short-term availability of machines on the construction site. This container, which can be equipped with various rental machines, enables customers to rent construction machinery and equipment easily and flexibly, open the box on site and remove the corresponding machine. The principle of "pay-per-use" applies, i.e. the customer only pays for the actual time during which the product was used. The OnSite Box offers contractors additional security. In addition, the flexible location of the container results in cost and time advantages: The Wacker Neuson OnSite Box can be set up directly on site, for example on a major construction site or in urban areas.

If you also have an idea for a sustainable new business model, feel free to contact us!

Construction 4.0

Digitisation has an impact on all industries, including construction. In order to investigate the components, effects and possibilities of this trend Building 4.0 in more detail, we are participating in a research project of the same name. In cooperation with universities and other companies in the industry, we are investigating machine automation, the digitization of processes on the construction site and the networking and transmission technologies of machines.

Building 4.0 is your topic and you are looking for an industrial partner? We look forward to hearing from you!


We take trends such as Internet of Things (IoT) and telematics seriously and can already offer our customers marketable solutions in this area: We have developed our telematics solution EquipCare in cooperation with partner companies with high expertise in these areas. It ensures transparency in fleet management, because machines equipped with EquipCare report in real time to the customer's end device (smartphone, tablet, PC) in the event of maintenance requirements, malfunctions or unexpected changes of location. When the machine detects a fault, it sends this information to the EquipCare system, allowing technicians to respond quickly. Important events in the life cycle of a machine are displayed online: a valuable source of information for the technician and detailed documentation about the machine. Machine service is therefore even more efficient and downtime is reduced to a minimum.


The increasing networking of machines requires close cooperation between manufacturers and customers. This is why the Wacker Neuson Group is a member of the Machines in Construction (MiC 4.0) working group founded in Munich. The aim of the project is to work together with all players in the entire value chain to address the challenges of digitization that lie ahead for the industry.

Internet of Things or telematics are your topics and you are looking for a partner? We are looking forward to your message!

Smart Factory

The Smart Factory division includes all solutions that contribute to optimizing production within the Wacker Neuson Group. These include, for example, the use of assistance systems in assembly, manufacturing and intralogistics to minimize errors and make work easier for the operator.

A digital fault and quality management system consistently guarantees the high quality of the machines and the creation of a complete digital machine history. For example, assembly tools only function in production if they are actually required for the assembly step of a certain product.

In addition, digital objects and models are being worked on throughout the Group which, as a first step towards a "digital twin", are intended to represent reality and bring about improvements in machine monitoring and time management. 3D printing technology is also currently being used in prototype construction. Virtual prototypes and cross-location development cooperation using virtual reality applications are further examples of smart solutions in production.

We attach great importance to exchange and knowledge transfer. This is why, for example, we conduct research in the field of industrial information and communication technologies as part of the Pro2Future project and, together with scientific partners and other companies, investigate the characteristics of assistance in the production context (MMAssist). In addition, we are working on projects in the field of Indoor Localization, where we are developing possibilities for digitally tracking the machines in the course of production in order to optimize production planning. The Wacker Neuson Group attaches great importance to participating in various research projects in order not only to promote internal exchange and ideas, but also to cooperate with external partners.

Smart Processes

The digitization of all processes enables an even faster and more efficient way of working. For example, the Wacker Neuson Group is currently testing the use of augmented, virtual and mixed reality.

These technologies are used, for example, to position attachments, compare old and new versions, and test the driver's panoramic view and the movement of objects.

VR Simulation

New technologies, for example, offer service technicians support and assistance with specific service assignments or maintenance. The aim is to keep machine downtimes at the customer's as low as possible and to optimize service for our customers.

Cabin Simulator

In a realistic driving simulator from Kramer, customers can experience how products are tested virtually even before the first prototype is built. The simulator can also be used for both ergonomics and field of view analysis, as any model can be inserted into the "virtual world". The simulator can also be used for internal training courses.

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