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Innovations powered by the Wacker Neuson Group

At the Wacker Neuson Group, we build on a strong foundation. With innovations that have revolutionized the entire industry, we have reinvented ourselves time and again. Innovation is and remains a tradition in our company  it is part of our DNA.

Real-world examples

Wacker Neuson Anbaugeräte

Smart attachment management

Dawn of a new era: The EW100 mobile excavator from Wacker Neuson makes it easy for operators to change attachments with its 10-inch display. The excavator can, for example, automatically adjust the machine dynamics to the tool in use. It is also ready for the future – a simple software update is all that is needed to support all future advances in attachment management and new assistance features. 

Wacker Neuson Smart Glasses

Smart Glasses

Mixed reality glasses from Wacker Neuson support service technicians on site. When a customer needs help, the service technician, equipped with the smart glasses, can join a live expert and share his view of the machine. With this solution, the machine is up and running again in a short time. The smart glasses thus save (travel) time, costs and resources. 

Kramer Schnellwechselsystem Smart Attach

Smart Attach

Smart Attach is a fully hydraulic quick-hitch system from Kramer, enabling operators to couple and uncouple attachments with an additional hydraulic function (such as sweeping machines and bottom-dump buckets) in a matter of seconds – without having to leave the cab. Smart Attach thus saves time and money. The system is easy to operate from the driver’s seat with a familiar joystick. 

Innovative projects and solutions

We are actively shaping the digital transformation in our target markets through our research and development activities. Digitalization is transforming the entire value chain of the Wacker Neuson Group, including the planning, production, ordering, delivery, assembly and business management process steps. 

Weidemann selbstfahrender Partner

Self-driving assistant

Weidemann teamed up with the Chair of Agricultural Systems Engineering at the Technical University of Munich and Innok Robotics in Regensburg to explore how modern automation technologies can make life even easier for customers in the agricultural industry. The result of this study is the Intelligent Multifunctional Partner or imp – a compact transport assistant that can carry a payload of 180 kilos.

Wacker Neuson Group Bauen 4.0

Construction 4.0 research project

In order to investigate the dimensions, impacts and opportunities of the “Construction 4.0” trend in more detail, the Wacker Neuson Group is participating in a research project of the same name. In cooperation with universities and industry peers, we are investigating machine automation, process digitalization on construction sites and equipment networking.

Wacker Neuson Autonome Rüttelplatte

Autonomous vibratory plate

As it continues to advance the pace of automation, Wacker Neuson is testing new remote control options for vibratory plates. Using their smartphones, users can easily control the plate with a handy tilt-and-turn app that simulates the plate, with a single finger tracing the movement on a haptic smartphone add-on or with the familiar two-finger remote control method. Users benefit in a number of ways. They save time, avoid mix-ups and can customize the operating settings.  

Wacker Neuson Group innovative Ideen

Open to new ideas

The Wacker Neuson Group cooperates with universities and students to develop the ideas of tomorrow. One project involved the development of a zero emission and fully autonomous excavator concept based on a scale model.

zero emission:
360° ecosystem

The Wacker Neuson Group’s zero emission portfolio is resonating strongly with the market and is being continuously expanded. This robust foundation is shifting the spotlight towards the zero emission ecosystem. This spans the charging infrastructure, services, financing options, different usage models and battery lifecycle management.

Wacker Neuson Group Charging


Wacker Neuson has developed a power bank based on lithium-ion batteries especially for construction sites. This mobile Charging Box ensures a steady stream of power – wherever work is being done.

Wacker Neuson Group Servicing


Battery diagnostics tools and the EquipCare telematics system allow users to call up machine data and information. 

Wacker Neuson Group Operating


The standardized Battery One battery system is designed to power light equipment such as rammers, vibratory plates and internal vibrators. Not only can the battery be used in all Wacker Neuson battery-electric machines, but also in equipment from other manufacturers. The battery can be inserted and changed in a matter of seconds and is started at the press of a button. 

Wacker Neuson Group Cylic Solution

Cyclic Solution

Batteries remain highly efficient even after several years in service and can therefore easily be repurposed for energy storage. Changing the usage profile of batteries thus extends their service life. The Wacker Neuson Group is working with research institutes and partners to develop second life concepts for batteries.

Wacker Neuson Group Sharing


We want to make the transition to zero emission equipment as easy as possible for our customers. Rental is a particularly valuable entry option, allowing customers to put our electric machines through their paces on real-world construction sites.

Wacker Neuson Group Pricing


Special financing solutions for zero emission equipment, for example operating leases, provide an attractive incentive to try out our zero emission range. Different subsidies are also available to promote the sale of zero emission machines. The Wacker Neuson Group is working on a subsidy calculator to support customers in their decision-making.

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