Executive Board

Wacker Neuson SE is a public limited company under European law with its headquarters in Munich.
The executive board consists of four members:

Dr. Karl Tragl
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Felix Bietenbeck
Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Operations Officer (COO)

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Christoph Burkhard
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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Alexander Greschner
Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

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Supervisory Board

The supervisory board consists of six members:

Hans Neunteufel

engineer, CEO of the PIN private foundation, Linz, Austria.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Schüppen

Attorney, accountant and tax advisor, Stuttgart. Member of the supervisory board of Syntellix AG, Hannover.

Mag. Kurt Helletzgruber

Businessman, managing board of the PIN private foundation, Linz, Austria.

Ralph Wacker

Civil engineer and managing partner of wacker+mattner GmbH, Munich.

Elvis Schwarzmair*

Industrial electronic technician, Chairman of the Reichertshofen works council, Chairman of the central works council, the group works council and the SE works council, Rohrbach, Germany.

Christian Kekelj *

Constructor, Deputy Chairman of the group works council, Chairman of the Munich works council, Oberschleißheim.

* employee representative