Principles of our company ethics - mission statement

Only legally and ethically correct behavior ensures sustainable business success!

The history of the Wacker Neuson Group reaches back to the year 1848. Today, there are only a few companies who have managed to overcome the challenges of harsh economic reality like our company has.

The key to this sustainability lies in our corporate culture, which is characterized by our corporate values of expertise, passion, entrepreneurship and agility. The corporate value of entrepreneurship also includes the commitment to integrity and honesty as well as the commitment to consistent compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Both our employees as well as our business partners adhere to this standard.

The trust shown to us by our customers, business partners and investors is confirmed not only by the reliability and high standard of our products and services, but also by the integrity of our entire operation. Violations of the laws, rules or our ideals result in corresponding consequences and sanctions.

Our corporate values are the guiding principle for our legally and ethically correct behavior in business life. We expect each employee to implement our values responsibly and that we together thereby create the basis for a successful economic and personal future.

Our goal is to efficiently utilize the global economic challenges in a value-oriented manner as an opportunity to solidify and further expand our successful market position together.