Stakeholder dialogues create trust

Stakeholder groups observe and evaluate companies according to their actions. Among other things, the transparent integration of various interests into our sustainability program plays an important role in the process. For us, sustainability means responsible communication and joint learning with our stakeholders.

The aim is to define sustainability-related topics, joint priorities and essential aspects under this large umbrella and to establish a continuous, strategy-oriented dialogue process.

To this end, we perform regular surveys with our stakeholders. Particularly involved are all of our employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, financial partners, representatives of public interests and residents of our locations, NGOs and not least, the general public.

The better we know our stakeholders, the more sustainable we can make our relationships with them, realize business opportunities and minimize risks at the same time.

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Motivated and well-trained employees are the key to achieving our goals. The Wacker Neuson Group is therefore constantly striving to offer attractive working areas to existing and potential employees. That is why there is a wide range of advanced training opportunities as well as opportunities to contribute your own ideas and suggestions for improvement. In addition to employee discussions, the intranet and our internal communication channels can be used as a means of communication. The personal exchange of experience via direct communication between the employees is particularly valuable.

Long-term relationships are maintained with suppliers in order to strengthen our product competitiveness. It is important to us in the process that environmental and social issues are included, such as anticorruption and the exclusion of child labor, so that the quality of supplier relationships is increased. Quality assurance agreements and a code of conduct signed by all main and future suppliers also support this goal. In this way, non-payment risks are detected early on and are reduced. Regular controls and the targeted integration greatly contribute to sustainability and raise awareness of the importance of social responsibility.

Particularly important to the Wacker Neuson Group is a transparent information policy towards it’s investors, especially against the background of a stock exchange environment with high volatility. Shareholders are given the opportunity to articulate and introduce their needs and suggestions both at the Annual General Meeting as well as in smaller groups with experienced contact partners.

Public and social environment
As an attractive employer in the respective regions, the Wacker Neuson Group shows itself as a responsible and reliable partner who contributes to social development, through economic activity and social commitment. The aim is to satisfy different customers with locally adapted products and to optimize the costs in an international environment.

The Wacker Neuson Group is engaged in different associations and is actively looking for a dialogue with other companies in the construction machinery sector and beyond. Among these activities is our engagement for the Blue Competence initiative of VDMA (umbrella organization of the German construction machinery sector), where we seek an open exchange with other representatives of the sector on the topics of corporate sustainability.

Other Stakeholders
Our company catches the attention of numerous other stakeholders. For them, we want to communicate a transparent and comprehensive picture of our company. We achieve that by publishing our quarterly and annually reports as well as with our sustainability report and through press releases, newsletters and by publishing our Wacker Neuson magazine.

Customers and dealers
The sale of our products takes place via numerous dealers and over 140 sales and service locations world-wide. The dealers therefore represent an important network and link to the end customer. The Wacker Neuson Group actively involves this stakeholder group.