Work-Life-Balance, safety and occupational health

Attractive benefits beyond pay, such as company and summer parties, Christmas parties or joint ski trips, promote the sense of community among our employees and are therefore part of our company philosophy. In addition, we also offer our employees other social benefits, especially in relation to family and career. We want to promote this compatibility and therefore have set up a wide range of solutions. Among other things, we have created home office opportunities and attractive part time models. In addition, we offer free counseling and placement offers in the event of shortages in childcare or caring for relatives. In order to promote the rapid re-entry for employees with children, we provide location-specific employee benefits. In addition, older colleagues can make their transition into retirement smooth, for example through part time employment prior to retirement. For us, the employees themselves are at the center of a successful corporate development.

The health of our employees is very important to us, because when the individual does well, then the entire company can benefit from that. We therefore place great emphasis on preventing illnesses. With our company doctors and safety experts, we provide ergonomically designed working areas. In addition, we regularly measure sound levels, light and possible harmful substances to be able to guarantee the health protection of the employees.

We take a holistic approach to promoting occupational health, providing a balanced mix of behavioral strategies and suitable working environments.