Staff development, training and learning

Staff development is of great importance for the Wacker Neuson Group. We believe that only satisfied and qualified employees can be highly productive.

Our employees can complete selected degree programs or advanced training alongside their jobs. Where feasible, we support them in this process both financially and organizationally – for instance by arranging flexible working hours. For the career changer with a completed technical education we offer an entry program in technical construction equipment. Within one year the program conveys theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for the participants. As a matter of fact we continuously develop our managers with staff responsibility by offering them advanced trainings.

Personal initiative, continuous trainings and great performance are rewarded with interesting and ambitious tasks. In our recruiting process we aim to deploy own employees for the new positions. Various managers at the Wacker Neuson Group have started as young professionals and can therefore contribute to companie’s success with their extensive professional experience.

To prepare our employees best for the increasing demands of the working life we offer numerous trainings and further education programs.

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Train and grow
At the start of 2015, we launched a trainee program with both a business and a technical path designed to provide graduates with the optimum start at the Wacker Neuson Group. This international and modular TRAIN AND GROW (T.A.G.) program takes between 18 and 24 months and is set to become a cornerstone of our talent recruitment system.

Accredited professional training for young people
We provide opportunities within the framework of practical training programs flanked by studies at technical or vocational colleges. The Group’s training philosophy centers on empowering trainees across a wide range of disciplines, assigning individual areas of responsibility and ensuring intensive, one-to-one mentoring. We also provide financial support for our trainees, for instance by subsidizing the cost of public transport.

In addition, the promotion of young talent in atypical occupational fields is important to us. Girls' Day takes place once a year at our location in Linz/Hörsching. This experience teaches students that there are entry-level and prospects for promotion in the field of machine manufacture for girls as well.

INTRAMove - International exchange program
Launched in November 2014, our INTRAMove program promotes intercultural understanding and know-how-transfer by giving employees the opportunity to work in different areas and regions. We actively support colleagues in spending up to four weeks at a different affiliate within the Group, allowing them to gather new experiences, perspectives and cultural insights and promoting their personal development. This initiative also helps to build up a global internal network between employees within the company.

Ongoing training is particularly important for anyone in a management position. Our PerspActive training course for managers focuses on developing the professional and personal skills of our top talent and will thus make a lasting contribution to our management culture. The main topics of the program are leadership, general management, change management and strategy.

The Wacker Neuson Academy
Located in Reichertshofen (near the German city of Ingolstadt), the Wacker Neuson Academy is equipped with modern teaching rooms, a large auditorium and an extensive demonstration hall for both theoretical and practical learning. It is run by a team of experienced trainers.

The Wacker Neuson Academy in Reichertshofen offers a wide variety of courses for both employees and stakeholders outside the company, such as customers and dealers. The portfolio extends from in-depth technical courses, covering sales and service-oriented factors, to training in IT applications and project management seminars led by external providers. The Group also provides training centers for staff and customers in the US and China.