Product responsibility and environmental protection

Product responsibility and environmental protection

We use environmentally friendly materials wherever possible for our products and factor in prolonged lifecycles and end-of-life recyclability at the start-of-life development stage. Our products are designed for durability and low maintenance – despite being typically deployed under harsh conditions. We also seek to maintain our high standards in the delivery of environmentally sound, safe products. We will therefore continue to focus our R&D efforts on complying with – or even exceeding – more stringent environmental regulations governing combustion engine emissions. In 2014, we made environmental criteria a fixed element of our requirement specifications for new products, ensuring that these demands are incorporated early on in the development process.

Statutory requirements
The aim is not only to meet statutory requirements, such as international standards, European, national and municipal laws and regulations, but also to exceed them in order to better benefit our customers and the environment. We have already been living out this company policy for several years in many areas.

We want to become even better
The protection of the environment and conserving natural resources are a top priority for us. The introduction of environmental management and energy management systems at our German and Austrian production and sales locations, as well as at our headquarters, will make our efforts measurable in the long term and help us to become even better.

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Success through modern technologies
We have used the following technologies in the modernizations and reconstructions of our locations:

  • hot water preparation by using renewable energies
  • intelligent light control
  • heat recovery in the paint shop
  • heat recovery in the ventilation systems
  • biological wastewater treatment
  • flue gas recirculation of the boiler

Resource protection
At all of our sites, we are committed to continuously reducing our consumption of fresh water. Measures here include internally treating running water and re-using process water in closed circuit systems. This approach to water and wastewater management has more than proven its worth at our sites. In Pfullendorf, a total of 2,500m³ of fresh water was consumed in the wash bay before 2008. Now 95% of this consumption is covered by rainwater. The fresh water consumption since then is now 120m³ of water per year.

Waste management
The operational waste management is controlled centrally at the Wacker Neuson Group. The removal takes place exclusively by certified local service-providing companies. On a quarterly basis, a "self-monitoring report" is created, which records the type and volume of the waste. All branches in Germany have imposed stringent internal standards - from the fulfillment of statutory regulations of waste legislation and beyond.

Our products are designed for durability and low maintenance, especially when deployed under very harsh conditions. We look at the entire lifecycle of our products, factoring end-of-life recycling capabilities into our start-of-life design phase.