Production Procurement

Seven categories of materials are procured at eleven locations.

  • Powertrain
  • Drivetrain
  • Hydraulic
  • Steel & Fabrications
  • Cast n' Plastic
  • Cabin, Interior, Electric/Electronic
  • Fluid n' Fasteners, OEM

These seven product groups (commodities) each consist of several sub-categories (subcommodities). The responsibilities of each location and product group are organized in a matrix structure.

We need the best suppliers!

  • Our suppliers operate worldwide on behalf of the Wacker Neuson Group. We expect global offers.
  • Our suppliers feature first-class production systems.
  • Continuous improvements ensure efficient pricing; we want to be a part of this.
  • Our goal is to have a small number of suppliers with large order volumes.
  • We consider our suppliers partners and want their technical input in order to achieve optimized product cost targets. 
  • We offer long-term contracts and expect annual discounts accordingly.
Corporate Purchasing &
Quality Management

Production Procurement

Production Purchasing - Product Groups/Commodities

PTR - Powertrain
  • Combustion engines
  • Peripheral engine parts (starter, pre-heater, oil & diesel filter...)
  • Clutches & couplings
  • Flywheels & pump carriers
  • Coolers & radiators Exhaust system (mufflers, exhaust tubes, flex elements, catalytic converters, DPF...) Air Filters
  • Fans
DTR - Drivetrain
  • Axles
  • Peripheral parts (brake parts, such as calipers...)
  • Mechanical power transmission parts, e.g. drive shafts, transmission chains and belts and specific parts
  • Gearboxes (hydrodynamic)
  • Wheels (tires, rims, assembly service)
  • Tracks (steel & rubber)
  • Undercarriage components (idlers, sprockets, track rollers)
  • Slew rings
  • Bearings (roller, ball, friction...)
  • Shock mounts (rubber-metal mounts, hydro mounts)
  • Tow couplings
HYD - Hydraulic
  • Hydraulic pumps and motors (e.g. track & swing drive units)
  • Hydraulic valves and manifolds
  • Hydraulic steering units
  • Pilot valves
  • Hydraulic swivel joints
  • Hydraulic filters (pressure & return line)
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Peripheric hydraulic components (hydraulic accumulator, ...)
  • Central greasing systems & specific parts
F&S - Steel & Fabrications
  • Light & Heavy Fabrication
  • Steel tanks (fuel and oil)
  • Roll bars
  • Raw steel material for in-house manufacturing
  • External 3rd party service (painting, machining)
  • Machine tools (buckets, pallet forks, snow blades, road sweepers, mowers, SWS …)
C&P – Cast n‘ Plastic

  • Metal Castings (grey & ductile iron, steel, aluminium)
  • Forged Items
  • Plastic parts per print:

    • Exterior: FRP, RTM, PDCPD, ABS, …
    • Interior: plastic injection, ABS, …
    • Roto- & blow moulding

  • Rubber and PU parts per print

    • Molded parts (floormats, formed hoses, bellows)

  • Insulation material
  • Turned and machined parts (pins, gears,…)
CAB – Cabin, Interior, Electric/Electronic
  • Cabins and cabin frames
  • Cab specific components (wiper system, door handles, ...)
  • Interior components (driver seats, seatbelts, steering columns)
  • Heating & Aircon Systems & specific parts
  • Gas springs
  • Operation control (control levers, bowden cables, ...)
  • Wire harnesses & Cables
  • Electric components: switches, sensors, lightning, operating panels, indicating instruments, relais, batteries, ...
  • Electronic components: modules, remote controls, GPS, ...
  • Electric incidentals: connectors, crimp contacts, ...
F&F – Fluid n‘ Fasteners, OEM
  • Hydraulic connection line (hoses, fittings, tubes, manifold pipes, pressure switches, ball valves, backpressure-valves …)
  • Mounting & fastening parts (nuts, screws, washers, ...)
  • Joint flanges
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Springs
  • Rubber & plasctic components (catalogue items – rubber profile, plastic plugs, misc. hoses)
  • Accessory components (tank caps, machine safety & tool kits)
  • Stickers, Lables, Graphic plates
  • OEM Trades

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