Indirect Purchasing

Indirect Purchasing is a corporate function whose organizational and operational structure is aimed at managing the indirect spends of the Wacker Neuson Group.

Indirect spends are all goods, services, rights and information that are not built into the finished product.

Corporate Purchasing &
Quality Management

Indirect Purchasing

Indirect Procurement- Main Product Groups/Commodities

MET - Machinery, equipment, tools

Tools and equipment for manufacturing plants, distribution centers and service workshops. Machinery and equipment for long-term use.

  • TO - Tools
    Industrial tools, service and assembly tools, electric and pneumatic tools, welding and soldering equipment, measuring and testing equipment, devices for assembly and manufacturing

  • WW - Storage and workshop equipment
    Storage and transport equipment, workshop equipment

  • RD - Development & testing
    General testing material, external devices

  • MF - Machinery and technical equipment
    Manufacturing equipment, testing facilities

  • MH - Materials handling
    Mobile transport and lifting equipment, stationary transport and lifting equipment

  • OP - Operation & maintenance
    Repair, maintenance, inspection, conversion/removal, commissioning, decommissioning
CON - Consumables

Items for short-term retention in business, classic catalog items.

  • CH - Chemicals
    Oils and greases, paints and varnishes, coolants, small packaged chemicals

  • SW - Occupational safety and clothing
    Personal protection equipment (PPE), work wear

  • MH - Hygiene, cleaning, medical
    Hygiene and cleaning products, medical products and first aid

  • OS - Office supplies
    Office supplies, specialist literature
FMT - Facility management

Management and maintenance of real estate, infrastructure services starting with development, energy procurement.

  • EQ - Equipment
    Security and surveillance systems, access and time attendance systems, fuel tanks, compressed air systems, exhaust systems, furniture

  • EN - Energy
    Power, gas, heat, fuels (heating oil, etc.), energy consulting

  • OP - Operation and maintenance
    Repair, maintenance, inspection, conversion/removal, commissioning, decommissioning

  • IN - Infrastructure services
    Tradesmen, disposal, canteen operation and guest hospitality, removals, property protection, gate and reception services, pest control, cleaning
ITC - IT software, hardware, telecommunications

Hardware, software, telecommunications, services

  • SE - Services
    Cloud services, IT consulting

  • SO - Software
    Rights of use, software as a service, software maintenance

  • HA - Hardware
    Stationary computers, mobile computers, peripheral equipment, servers, systems, network components, hardware maintenance

  • TC - Telecommunications
    Stationary, mobile
HRE - Personnel & training

Recruitment, staff development, staff management, health management

  • ER - Staff recruitment
    Supply of temporary workers, recruitment and placement

  • CS - Consulting & services
    Consulting, payroll services

  • TR - Training
    Standard training, specially designed training

  • HE - Health management
    Occupational health, health management
MCE - Marketing, Communications & Events

Marketing, Events, Communication

  • AS - Agencies
    Communications agencies, specialized agencies

  • ES - Events
    Events agencies, stand construction, event technology, catering, incentives, moderation, guest entertainment

  • PI - Promotional products
    Promotional gifts, promotional clothing

  • IN - Inventory
    Sales rooms and showrooms, POS, advertising equipment, trade fairs and events

  • PM - Printed materials
    Product, brand and company-related printed materials, business stationery, machine documentation
PRS - Professional services

Consulting, outsourced services

  • LI - Legal & property rights
    Legal advice and representation, property rights management, property rights consulting

  • FI - Finances, tax, insurance
    Statutory annual audit, auditing, tax consultancy, insurance

  • MC - Management consulting
    Strategic consulting, organizational development, change management

  • ES - Technology
    Development and design, calculations, certifications approvals, preparation of operating manuals, training materials, product design

  • BO - Business process outsourcing
    Procurement services, output management
LOG - Logistics & packaging

Freight, postal services, storage, customs clearance, packaging, cargo carriers, cargo security

  • FR - Freight
    Land freight, parcel and express services Sea freight, air freight, postal services, storage, customs clearance

  • PA - Packaging and loading
    Packaging, packing aids, cargo carriers, cargo security
MOB - Vehicle fleet & travel

Business travel, fleets

  • FL - Fleet
    Cars, vans, trucks, trailers, accessories, service vehicle fittings

  • OP - Operation and maintenance
    Repair, maintenance, inspection, service, fleet management

  • TR - Business travel
    Hotels, flights, public transport, non-public transport, travel agencies, visa applications