The Wacker Neuson eSupply program

The goal of our Group-wide supply chain strategy is to digitalize all procurement-related processes including orders, order confirmations, delivery schedule messages and delivery shipping notifications. The objective of eSupply is to fully integrate these workflows with our partners using electronic data interchange (EDI).  

Digital procurement
Seamless digital collaboration with our partners is a cornerstone of our procurement strategy enabling us to work together across system and company boundaries with efficiency. We welcome and support every distribution partner who is prepared to connect with us via EDI or WebEDI.

Benefits for you
EDI is a key step in ensuring that everyday business processes can be securely, quickly and efficiently handled. EDI is a secure way to send messages, encrypt data and log all transactions, while eliminating the risk of users accidentally losing business messages and documents.

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EDI replaces manual paper-based tasks with standardized electronic processes. All purchasing documents from our Enterprise Resource Planning system are converted to a defined message format using a converter. This data is sent automatically to your system via a mutually agreed upon communication channel. This means that once the technical details have been defined, distribution partners with their own EDI infrastructure can communicate directly with Wacker Neuson (further details under: specifications).

Distribution partners who do not have their own infrastructure can use our online eSupply platform (WebEDI), which offers the same scope of functionality and relieves you of the need to invest in technical infrastructure.


Our WebEDI platform offers registered users a host of benefits in their day-to-day communication with Wacker Neuson:

  • Free use of all services
  • No investment or technical infrastructure required (all you need is Internet access)
  • End-to-end process flow and uniform data (e.g. order -> order confirmation -> delivery note -> label -> invoice)
  • Easy interaction and collaboration with minimal manual data entry 
  • Transparent overview of all procurement transactions for all Wacker Neuson companies in a single system
  • Ability to print out standardized material tags/labels
  • Active notification when new messages arrive
  • EDI data displayed in your online browser and as a PDF
  • Option of printing or downloading data as a text file or PDF
  • Access management with rules for representatives
  • Help from Wacker Neuson support team


In case of registration for WebEDI you accept the following terms and conditions of usage.

Wacker Neuson WebEDI General Terms and Conditions


Our procurement and supply processes are largely based on established automotive standards defined by the German Association of the Automotive Industry VDA.

However, our system can also process messages formatted according to the UN’s EDIFACT standard and the US ANSI X12 standard. You can find a list of the business processes we use and support in our EDI and WebEDI system here below under "Messages".


To ensure a seamless digital process flow across all media right up to the point of delivery, all goods must be correctly labeled using standardized material tags in line with the VDA 4902 recommendation or using Odette transport labels (OTL). You can create these using your own technology or on our platform if you are a registered WebEDI user.


Wacker Neuson supports the following EDI messages and associated processes:

Direction Process EDIFACT D96A VDA ANSI X12
Outbound Order ORDERS 4925 850
Outbound Order change ORDCHG   860
Inbound Order confirmation ORDRSP 4926 855
Outbound Delivery schedule / Forecast delivery schedule DELFOR 4905 830
Inbound Delivery shipping notification DESADV 4913 856
Inbound Invoice INVOIC 4906 810
Outbound Invoice INVOIC 4906 810
Lables Material tags   4902  


If necessary, further processes may be supported on request.

Participating Companies

For a list of the participating Wacker Neuson companies click here.



If you are already registered as a supplier at Wacker Neuson, contact us at to register and connect to the system.

If you would like to register as a new supplier, you can do so via our portal.


In case of registration for WebEDI you accept the following terms and conditions of usage and the Agreement on the processing of personal data concerning EDI.

Wacker Neuson WebEDI General Terms and Conditions

Agreement on the processing of personal data concerning EDI (EN)

Logistics Manual


You can find information on message formats at the following links to standards organizations:
EDIFACT: United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business
VDA: Verband der Automobilindustrie
ANSI X12: American National Standards Institute

You can find all relevant technical parameters and individual format descriptions in our EDI guidelines:

1. Germany


850 4010
855 4010
830 4010
856 4010


2. U.S.A.

850 4010
855 4010
830 4010
856 4010


All EDI processes at the Wacker Neuson Group are coordinated and executed by the eSupply team. You can contact our support under: