Weidemann bids farewell to Hans-Heinrich Schmidt as he leaves for retirement.

Hans-Heinrich Schmidt, who has been the Technical Director at Weidemann GmbH for many years, is retiring from the company in April 2016. The future management team will continue to include Bernd Apfelbeck in the role of Commercial Managing Director and Klaus Pohl, who has been a member of the technical management team since February 2015.

Die drei Geschäftsführer von Weidemann (v.l.n.r.): Kaufmännischer Geschäftsführer Bernd Apfelbeck, Klaus Pohl, der seit Februar 2015 ebenfalls in der Technischen Geschäftsführung tätig ist, und der im April 2016 ausscheidende Hans-Heinrich Schmidt.

As technical director at Weidemann for over 10 years, Hans-Heinrich Schmidt was responsible for all of the company’s equipment developments and equipment production. He also held a number of different roles within the company during a period spanning over 42 years. He is one of the creators of Hoftracs and played an active and decisive role in the company’s development from a small regional provider of agricultural technologies, with just a few members of staff, to one of the leading manufacturers of industrial loader technology.





Hans-Heinrich Schmidt According to Schmidt, “Weidemann’s machines convinced people with their design and the assistance they offered to farmers on farms – they virtually persuaded people all by themselves.” Throughout all of his years, developments in agricultural technology continued to amaze him. “For me it was – and still is – an unbelievably innovative sector that has produced a number of very interesting developments over the years.”

Weidemann GmbH thanks Hans-Heinrich Schmidt for his decades of dedication and wishes him all the very best for the next stage in his life.