Active dealers as a guarantee for success on the market

Awards ceremony at the first dealer competition 2016, which was promoted by Weidemann.

Die Gewinner des ersten Weidemann Händlerwettbewerbs 2016.

The co-operation between the manufacturer and all dealers is an important factor for showing presence on the market and actively addressing all of the end customers and being able to convince them of the range of products and services. The motto is attracting more attention and standing out in a positive way on the market – not to attract any award, however, for it is ultimately about designing and developing concepts that can fit with the manufacturer’s brand and that can genuinely represent the regionally acting dealers.

“Overall, we have established a very good co-operation with our dealer. In order to acknowledge the various activities and recognise successes, we decided in the spring to have the first Weidemann dealer competition. The dealers were able to submit their best sales activities. We deliberately designed the task to be as open as possible. And the submissions were just as varied. Some dealers submitted individual promotions, others summarised many activities and sent them to our marketing department. Fortunately, there were many interesting contributions, which we then of course had to evaluate at length,” says the commercial managing director Bernd Apfelbeck about this first-time event.

So Weidemann GmbH honoured the winners of the dealer competition on 18 October 2016 as part of an evening event. Arneuba Landtechnik und Fahrzeuge GmbH from Schlettau in Saxony received a special award for their excellent vehicle design. Three companies received the award for continuous communication for their high level of activity on the market throughout the entire year. Marketing director Christina Heine says: “The creation and adherence to continuity in all three points with which the customer comes into contact is one of the core competencies within marketing. I consider it to be particularly important that the market is constantly and sustainably handled by manufacturers and dealers – this results in a coherent brand image.” In this sense, the following companies were honoured: HFT Hebe- und Fördertechnik, sector of agricultural and commercial vehicles from Mühlhausen in Thuringia, Heinz Pieper Landtechnik from the Lower Rhine Rees-Millingen and Stephan Schönberger from Mitterskirchen in Bavaria.

The company Peiffer Land- & Gartentechnik from the Lower Rhine Grevenbroich was able to enjoy third place at the Weidemann dealer competition. An independent mailing promotion with catchy headings and a direct invitation to the customers was submitted. An appeal through direct mailing causes more work initially than, for example, an advertisement, but at the same time promises a higher efficiency and significantly less waste circulation.

Imken Landmaschinen GmbH & Co KG from Schweiburg in Lower Saxony received second place. The jury very much liked the continuous communication with a self-designed and created Weidemann-Imken motif for a wall calendar, which was distributed to customers at the start of the year. In addition, the motif on the announcement was echoed for the events dealing with the inauguration of the new exhibition hall. This included a celebration with invited guests from agriculture, municipalities and garden technology as well as a public “warm-up green cabbage party”. The European Championship football planner given out by Weidemann in the spring was well integrated by Imken into its own inspection campaign.

The winner of first place dealt thoroughly with the introduction of the first fully electric 1160 eHoftrac: the company Wiedmann from Swabian Überlingen. The company’s own colours of green and pink were the inspiration for the idea. The eHoftrac was therefore designed in these colours in a custommade paint finish. The machine, which was affectionately named “Arnold”, was sent on an extensive tour through a number of different direct marketing promotions, which was guaranteed to attract the attention of customers.

Bernd Apfelbeck’s basic conclusion about the first dealer competition is therefore positive: “We received great submissions, which showed us how imaginative and committed our dealers are and how good they have understood the orientation of Weidemann. Together with our distributors, we are building a successful future.”

Weidemann dealer competition 2016: 1. Award - Wiedmann Baumaschinen und Anhänger1. Award - Wiedmann Baumaschinen und Anhänger

Weidemann dealer competition 2016: Special award for excellent vehicle design - Arneuba Landtechnik und Fahrzeuge GmbHSpecial award for excellent vehicle design - Arneuba Landtechnik und Fahrzeuge GmbH

Weidemann dealer competition 2016: 3. Award - Peiffer GmbH und Co.KG3. Award - Peiffer GmbH und Co.KG

Weidemann dealer competition 2016: Special award for consistent communication - Stephan Schönberger LandtechnikSpecial award for consistent communication - Stephan Schönberger Landtechnik

Weidemann dealer competition 2016: Special award for consistent communication - HFT Hebe- und Fördertechnik GmbHSpecial award for consistent communication - HFT Hebe- und Fördertechnik GmbH

Weidemann dealer competition 2016: Special award for consistent communication - Heinz Pieper LandtechnikSpecial award for consistent communication - Heinz Pieper Landtechnik



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