Intermat 2015: “An important step into the future”

The Wacker Neuson Group has been represented on the French market for 55 years and is welcoming visitors to Intermat with the motto “Your partner — yesterday, today and tomorrow”. In addition to many exciting innovations from Wacker Neuson and Kramer, ECO solutions are featured that are particularly economical and environmentally friendly; among them, some machines that work completely free of emissions.

Intermat 2015: “An important step into the future”

The trade fair Intermat takes place in Paris, France from April 20–25, 2015. In an area of 1,100 square meters, the Wacker Neuson Group shows new and time-tested products and solutions from the brands Wacker Neuson and Kramer, in the open-air exhibition ground E5 at stand E004. The emission-free products from Wacker Neuson, which also bear the ECO seal, are at the center of this year’s trade fair. The group introduced the ECO seal more than two years ago. "Economic efficiency and environmental friendliness are by no means new concepts for the Wacker Neuson Group. However, the seal enables us to clearly highlight the particularly economical and environmentally friendly products and solutions, and make the group’s corporate and innovative culture visible and tangible to customers," says Cem Peksaglam, CEO of Wacker Neuson SE. "We are particularly proud of our emission-free ECO products. They underline our expertise and innovation leadership and are an important step towards the future."

Sustainability and innovation spirit have also been confirmed by industry experts, who have recently honored the 803 dual power excavator with the Intermat Innovation Award in Gold. With the dual power option, the mini-excavator 803 can be operated with the external electro-hydraulic power unit HPU8 as an alternative to the standard diesel engine. With the power unit, the excavator operates under pure electric power and free of emissions, without compromising on engine power or versatility. This saves costs and ensures higher machine utilization through the expanded application areas of the mini-excavator. In addition to the Intermat Award, the dual power excavator was also awarded the MTP gold medal at the Intermasz trade show in Poland in 2014 – an award that recognizes particularly innovative products. 

Making a mark towards sustainability
The DT10e track dumper with electric drive is a new product in the area of emission-free solutions from Wacker Neuson. The dumper, which features a maximum payload of 1,000 kilograms and a bucket volume of up to 427 liters, is used in material handling without generating exhaust emissions. For example, contractors use it for interior demolition work. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it can easily fit through any door. Further application areas of the electric dumper can be found in gardening and landscaping. Both users and the environment benefit from zero exhaust emissions and minimal noise emissions.  

The ECO innovations for emission-free work also include the Wacker Neuson battery-operated WL20e wheel loader, which features a shovel capacity of 0.2 cubic meters. Two electric motors, one for the drive system and one for the work hydraulics, ensure that the performance features of the electric wheel loader correspond to those of the conventional machine. The AS 30 and AS 50 battery-operated rammers are also new and emission-free.  Especially for compaction work in trenches or indoors, but also for all other compaction applications, the user is protected from exhaust emissions. The contractor can save up to 55 per cent in operating costs. In addition, the typical maintenance requirements of conventional rammers (e.g. carburetor) do not apply to the battery-operated rammer. All of these solutions for emission-free work bear the ECO seal as they combine ECOnomy and ECOlogy perfectly. 

Highlights at a glance
Two new excavator models will be first introduced at Intermat. The EW65 mobile excavator in the 6-ton class and the ET90 track excavator with an operating weight of 9 tons, ensure greater efficiency in use. The models feature new bucket kinematics, which markedly improved the rotation angle, breakout force, and excavation performance. The new engines, which comply with emission standard IIIB, as well as the new hydraulic system provide for up to 20 per cent less fuel consumption, which protects the environment and reduces costs at the same time.