Application tips


  • The core of our business.Please be sure to inform yourself about the position of your interest beforehand and send us your application before the deadline
  • Put an emphasis on your personal strengths
  • Pay special attention to completeness and correctness of the information in your application
  • In case of the postal application check the appropriateness of the outside look of the documents
  • Your application should be informative, short and precise
  • Before sending the application, please, check once more if it is complete and faultless

Cover letter:

  • Include your contact details (postal address, phone number, email address)
  • Please, also mention the source of obtaining the information about the job offer
  • Make sure to use the correct Layout and pay special attention on the format
  • Name in the subject heading the exact open position this application refers to
  • Emphasize the reason of your interest to this position and our company

Curriculum Vitae (CV):

  • Application tipsPay special attention to completeness and clarity
  • Think of building a very clear and understandable structure
  • Please, use a professional and appropriate application photo
  • Include relevant information about your working experience and practical trainings
  • Name also some of your personal interests and hobbies