CompactDays Technology Open House on April 6 and 7, 2018

Over 700 visitors flock to

“CompactDays - Technology Open House” on April 6 and 7, 2018

On April 6 and 7, 2018, the Wacker Neuson site in Hörsching, Austria, held its first-ever specialist event targeted specifically at technology students and enthusiasts. Over 700 visitors came to the CompactDays – Technology Open House to gain unique insights into one of the world’s most advanced mechanical engineering plants and to talk directly to employees on site.

“At our CompactDays – Technology Open House event, we put the spotlight firmly on our dedicated and highly motivated employees, our high-tech products, the site itself and our career opportunities – especially on the technical ladder. We are delighted at the huge level of interest it generated and the obvious enthusiasm for the new Wacker Neuson spirit that we shared with our guests. We sparked a lot of inspiration and the atmosphere was great,” explains Martin Lehner, CEO of the Wacker Neuson Group, accompanied by Gert Reichetseder, Spokesperson for the Management Board of Wacker Neuson Linz GmbH.

We want to get inside the minds of future employees

“We want and need to raise our profile so we position Wacker Neuson firmly on the radar of job seekers. When an IT, software or electronics student, for instance, starts researching prospective employers, we want them to immediately think of Wacker Neuson and to also know something about us,” adds Gert Reichetseder. CompactDays offered an extensive program of events that included opportunities to test high-tech Wacker Neuson products, demo shows, expert talks, corporate presentations, a competition, tours of the site and in-depth presentations of technical career ladders and prospects at Wacker Neuson. On the Friday, Wacker Neuson mainly welcomed younger visitors, for example from schools, universities and technical colleges. On the Saturday, technology enthusiasts interested in finding out more about the company were drawn to the event in large numbers.

An interactive journey through product development

The event focused heavily on presenting the diverse and promising technical career opportunities at Wacker Neuson. ”In addition to gaining unique insights into our company and products, all participants had the chance to talk to our employees at the site, who were manning a total of eleven stands. Our guests were also able to immerse themselves in our broad portfolio of products and our virtual research and development activities using tools such as VR headsets. In addition, there were plenty of opportunities to test products first hand and even control an excavator using just the mind. Digitalization was a particularly big talking point,” adds Martin Lehner, CEO of the Wacker Neuson Group. “After all, we want to reach a really wide pool of talent, going beyond conventional mechanical engineering and drive technology disciplines to also appeal to mechatronics, IT and software specialists,” concludes Gert Reichetseder, Spokesperson for the Managing Board of Wacker Neuson Linz GmbH.

Program highlights:
  • Wacker Neuson as an attractive employer
  • From the drawing board to series production (design, engineering, testing, FEM, virtual reality)
  • Digitalization and power across the full spectrum (simulation, engines, hydraulics, electronics and electrics, digitalization)
  • Demo shows
  • Plant tours
  • Test excavations
  • Music and food