Education and training of young people at Wacker Neuson Group has a long tradition. Supporting young generations on their way of getting their first professional experience we regard a very important task for the company. Therefore, we offer a great number of various training occupations and broad opportunities for the dual studies across our different locations. If you are interested to know more about Wacker Neuson Group, our department structure, organization and many other interesting aspects of our company, we will be happy to receive your application for the practicum.

Our education and training methods:

You will be individually supervised

An intensive and prompt support and supervision of the training process of our future technical and commercial staff is also a subject of a great concern for our company. The opportunity for the team meetings and discussions with supervisors and trainers can be continuously used for setting and tailoring the milestones, individual steps and supporting procedures of the training to the needs of the young professionals. The exchange between the trainees for obtaining knowledge about different departments and organizational matters is also favored and facilitated.

You work independently and self-responsible

It is also important for us to enable and teach our trainees to work independent. That is why, already during the practical training you receive own areas of responsibility and concrete project tasks. Examples for this can be the regular organization and planning of the first training stages for the new comers by the previous year trainees in Reichertshofen or close integration of trainees in big projects such as preparation of trade fairs. Also the elaboration of the whole course brochure of Kramer (in Pullendorf) is put entirely under the responsibility of the trainees.

We offer a great variety of the educational and training contents

Our trainees are also supported in gaining a broad overview of the different departments in the Wacker Neuson Group and their appropriation, areas of responsibility and action, what eventually leads to obtaining a clear and understandable picture of the company as a whole. Additional attention at Wacker Neuson Group is given to the personal wishes and interests of the trainees, an opportunity to have an influence on the different fields of work under responsibility is also created.

Why to start small when you can begin your career in a company with a worldwide success?

Apprenticeship at Wacker Neuson Group – you have an opportunity to choose a commercial, industrial or technical field of further study. We train specialists in various disciplines and provide support for our trainees from the very first day in our team.

What makes receiving a qualification at Wacker Neuson Group so special?

  • Our apprentices are a part of our team and work on projects under own responsibility
  • Insurance of a high-quality individual support and mentoring is of a great importance for our company
  • Successful learning process is achieved due to strong practical orientation
  • Trainees are provided with an intensive support for the exam preparation

What do we offer?

  • Flexible planned training locations and departments
  • Training pay rates based on collective wage agreements
  • Flexible working hours (depending on chosen field of qualification)
  • Discounts in our staff canteen
  • Possibility for full-time employment after successfully finished education

The core of our business.Passion. People. Pride. The core of our business.  

Under current job offers, you can find open positions at Wacker Neuson Group.