Social Commitment

Being globally present also means taking a global responsibility for the Wacker Neuson Group. At all of our locations, we therefore commit to this obligation towards the public. In this sense, we do not just restrict our national and international commitment to financial support.

Rather, we support crisis projects with our expertise and targeted product donations. We offer our commitment in various committees for the design of an ecologically and economically sustainable future for future generations.
We place great importance on ensuring that our donation activities are transparent and that they take place according to regulated principles. We therefore introduced a group-wide donation policy in 2014 that makes this possible for us. 

Donation projects

Above all, we want to support non-profit organizations in the regions where we are active as a group, in order to raise the appeal there. A particular concern for us is the support of children and young people, and of disadvantaged groups. We have therefore decided to choose partnerships that cover the areas of education and social issues in particular. During 2014 and 2016, we are initially entering into partnerships with four organizations:

  • DKMS German Bone Marrow Donation Center – Research project and business typification
    We support the helping hand of DKMS’s CTU research institute, which is based in Leipzig. The goal of the study we are supporting is to investigate the long-term survival rate after allogeneic stem cell transplantation. Using a wider number of cases over a time period of ten years, the project analyzes the mortality rate among transplant patients and whether this is due to a relapse or to other causes. (to clarify with DKMS whether these types of details can be published.) We also want to motivate our employees, to get them involved and therefore to make social responsibility an experience. That is why with business typificationat our locations, we are committed to attracting new potential donors for the DKMS. We want to make our Wacker Neuson, Kramer and Weidemann employees aware of the topic of leukemia and its cure prognosis through stem cell transplantations, and to sensitize them to the issue. Our employees should be able to actively involve themselves in the charitable activities of the company, for example by participating in informational lectures during working hours or by registering as a potential donor during a DKMS business typificationdrive. So far, we have been able to register over 200 employees during these drives.
  • SAHEP – Select Anwar Khawaja Industries Health and Education Project
    The "Select Anwar Khawaja Industries (AKI) Health and Education Project" is a Pakistani organization that attends to free education and the medical care of employees and their families in soccer ball factories. The project makes it possible for children to visit the state school and for women to receive literacy classes. The organization supplies the employed seamstresses, sewers and their families with medicine and medical examinations.

  • SOS Children's Village Association - Mexico and Landsberg am Lech
    We have also entered into another partnership with the SOS Children's Village. With our financial support, we were able to contribute to the financing of a local children's village in Germany (Children's Village at Ammersee-Lech) as well as a children's village in Comitán, Mexico. In these places, SOS children's village mothers and fathers provide children with safety, security and care. (have text and images released by SOS)
  • Eisenhower Center
    One of our largest production facilities is based in Milwaukee, USA. The Eisenhower Center was opened here in 1962. It supports and helps people with disabilities during rehabilitation. The members are integrated into the activities here, which they can do despite their mental or physical disability, e.g. packaging, sorting, labeling. In addition, their relatives are advised and looked after. (release text and images via Scott)
  • Smaller donation projects
    Through our long-term commitment, there are additional charitable activities that in particular benefit local, non-profit organizations. These activities are specifically taken care of by our affiliates. The allocation of these funds is carried out under the considerations of the group donation policy. 
  • Disaster relief
    During the flooding disaster of 2013 in Germany and Austria, Wacker Neuson Group trash pumps and air dehumidifiers were donated in order to reduce the damage to the victims. This assistance came to those affected in the crisis regions directly and easily. If we received government reimbursement for these services, this was passed on to local forces. Wacker Neuson was even able to help with international natural disasters Wacker Neuson. In 2012 with Hurricane Sandy in the U.S.A., and Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, we committed to providing product donations and financial support to assist in reconstruction.


The Wacker Neuson Group plays an active role in its membership in different organizations. For example, the group is strongly committed to one of the most influential trade associations in Germany, the VDMA (Association of German Plant and Machinery Engineering). Our employees act as speakers at international and national conferences in order to actively provide know-how. The Wacker Neuson Group is involved in numerous committees and working groups to improve national and international standards in regard to questions of environmental friendliness, safety and product responsibility of construction machines and construction equipment. In addition, the Wacker Neuson Group has been a committed member of the Blue Competence sustainability initiative since 2013, which strongly advocates the topics of waste, recycling, circular flow economy, emissions, climate protection and energy efficiency within the industry.