Company values

The reputation of the Wacker Neuson Group is mainly determined by the appearance, activity and behavior of each of its individuals. As a globally-active group, we are aware of this responsibility at all of our locations. Shared values are the basis for our work and influence our attitudes, beliefs and ideals. Our actions are aligned at acting sustainably and making a permanent contribution to the future of our company. In addition to the operational tasks, our mission statement also forms the framework for our strategies and growth objectives.

Approx. 5,000 employees give the group, our brands and products a face and voice world-wide. And as different as they all are, they do pursue the same goal: meeting the requirements and needs of our customers around the world with each of our products and each of our services.


What does the Wacker Neuson Group stand for?

Vision and values wheel

Values move you to success.

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  • For us, innovation means:

    • We want to continuously improve our products, our services rendered and our processes.
    • We work closely with our customers in order to anticipate their requirements and to establish real benefits for their processes with the right products.
    • We are technological pioneers in our field.
    • We give good ideas a chance with respect to making risks calculable.
    • We promote an innovative climate within the company through clear, flexible structures, processes and supporting systems.
    • We work with expert partners in order to act together innovatively.
  • For us, quality means:

    • As an expert partner of our customers, we stand for reliable and uncomplicated business relationships.
    • Long service life and a high level of reliability, excellent ease of operation and repair, low operating costs and compliance with the highest safety standards are key quality features for us.
    • Our quality concept extends beyond the products to the relationships with our customers and distributors.
    • The basis for outstanding quality is the expertise of our employees. Our employees are characterized by a pronounced customer orientation, a high degree of motivation, social expertise and the right attitude.
  • For us, performance means:

    • We are in a constant dialogue with our customers and want to be their reliable partner through a balanced ratio between traditional values and visions of the future.
    • The Wacker Neuson Group has a solid financial foundation and pursues the goal of remaining independent in the long term, as a company with a strong presence on the market.
    • Our flexibility is not only shown in non-bureaucratic action and overarching thought, but also in our willingness to accept new things. We experience changes as something positive and of course drive them forward.
    • We focus on working towards the goal of creating the best possible added value for our customers. We only make promises that we can keep.
    • Short paths and quick decision-making processes in the company favor rapid problem solving and increase customer retention. We support the independent action of our employees, promote the entrepreneurial spirit and accept that people can make mistakes. This requires a high degree of willingness to communicate
  • For us, character means:

    • Satisfied customers and motivated employees who feel connected to the company are, for us, the standard for a sustainable and trusting relationship to all of our reference groups.
    • Our commitment to honesty and sincerity creates an atmosphere of mutual trust.
    • We act in accordance with the laws and abide by the rules of fair competition. We report truthfully and keep our word.
    • Our actions are binding, responsible, exemplary and reliable.
    • We stand for lasting and sustainable relationships with our business partners.
    • We offer our employees the opportunity to continuously develop. In this way, we ensure a high level of motivation and expertise and secure the company success in the long term.
    • As a part of our long-term strategic company development, cost awareness and sustainability are at the heart of our actions. 
    • We are open and tolerant, are able to listen and are open to constructive criticism.